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67 plates

67 Plates are Coming

Where is this year going? The summer holidays are nearly over and it will soon be September. Before we know it, the shops will be filled with Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

But, with September comes an important time for car lovers. It is now only one month until the new 67 plates are introduced. On the 1st September 2017, all new cars will have the number 67 reg. But, do you know what your car registration plate means?

What Do Number Plates Mean?

The letters and numbers on a car registration have meaning. They have not been picked at random. From the 1st September until the end of February 2018, all new cars will have 67 in the first half of the plate – these numbers identify the period in which they were introduced (all cars produced between 1st September 2016 and the end of February 2017 had the reg 17).

So, what about the first two letters? Well these indicate where the car was first registered. They are known as the plate’s ‘memory tag’ or area code. The first letter represents the region it was introduced, and the second letter represents the local DVLA office. For example, LA67 – the L stands for London and the A narrows it down to an exact area in London, in this case it’s Wimbledon.

It seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it? Well just to confuse things, the last three letters don’t have any meaning and have been picked at random!

Keep it Clean!

Also, did you know – if your number plate is obscured by dirt or oil – then you could be fined up to £1,000. The Law states that all registration plates should be readable, and if they’re not – then the owner could pay the price.

Legal requirements for a number plate:

  • Be made from a reflective material
  • Front plate – display black characters on a white background
  • Rear plate – display black characters on a yellow background
  • No background pattern

SSH FlexiLease

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