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Embrace The Uncertainty

Is uncertainty about next year preventing you committing to a long term finance agreement on a new car? Has Brexit, the Northern Ireland Backstop and the interminable argument about the leadership of the Tory Party left you feeling uneasy, but you still need or want to swap your car?

Brexit Uncertainty

Are you worried that Brexit will have an impact on the company you work for? Exchange rates, potentially harmful tariffs and border controls change the view of what and where to carry out the production of components and products. Will this lead to job cuts? Rumour has it that OEMs have built up stock piles of components to buffer themselves against Brexit. This may lead to a slowing of demand once the final deal is done. Not knowing when the final decision will be taken is also a concern as the divorce from the EU may limp on longer than we all would want. Or perhaps you need a new van for work but want to be flexible.

Take a look at SSH Flexilease – this is a mid-way solution, no long term commitments but cheaper than daily hire. With a wide range of vehicles to chose from you can have the new car or van you want without tying yourself into a finance agreement for years to come.

To view our selection of vehicles click here.

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