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New Vehicles & Rates for 2019

2019 is already in full swing, so it only seems right we bring you some great new vehicles and rates from SSH FlexiLease.

This week we have welcomed over 90 new vehicles on site, including Estates, Hybrids, SUVs, Vans, Minibuses and many more. All of our vehicles are available to lease from today and we are proud to offer only the most competitive rates on the market.

Visit our website to view our new vehicles for 2019

Why SSH FlexiLease?

There are plenty of reasons why more individuals and businesses are turning to leasing. With lower monthly payments, low or even no deposits and the ability to change your vehicle regularly, SSH FlexiLease offer the most versatile and flexible options available.

To find out more about our services or discuss a leasing package to suit your requirements, contact our office today. Telephone 01952 427771 or contact us online.